Our lobster comes from independent lobstermen throughout the coast of Maine and Atlantic Canada who follow strict guidelines to ensure the quality and sustainability of this natural resource. The Maine and Canadian lobster fisheries operate with complementary seasons, providing Maine Coast with a steady year-round supply of the finest hard shell and new shell lobster in the world.

New Shell & Hard Shell Lobster

We know that different markets and customers demand different products. Due to our strategic partnerships with fishermen and suppliers throughout Maine and Canada, we are able to offer our customers consistent service, the sizes you want, and the quantity you need.

Sustainable Fishing

The Maine and Canadian lobster fisheries are inherently sustainable; many of the fishing regulations used today were instituted by lobstermen over one hundred years ago. We protect our juvenile lobsters, our brood stock and our successful female breeders. This trap-only fishery also prevents habitat loss on the ocean seabed. The fishery throughout the region has been certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and the species has been marked a “good alternative” by Seafood Watch guide.

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Shipped with the Highest Quality Materials

Our focus is providing quality products and exceptional customer service. In order to meet those goals, we offer every type of box and packaging product on the market at competitive prices. We offer packaging to fit your needs that maintains our Lively Lobster™ standards. So whether you’re in San Diego, Sevilla or Shanghai, we can deliver beautiful lobster bursting with life.