Success in exporting live lobster

Maine Coast team at SEA 2016
Photo by Madelyn Kearns | Seafood Source

When Maine Coast was founded in 2011, Tom Adams’ vision was to build the company with a focus on exporting live lobster worldwide. The success that our business has seen since its inception has been remarkable. In 2015, we received the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Exporter of the Year award for Maine. We’ve participated in countless international seafood trade shows, trade missions and reverse trade missions when buyer delegations come to Maine. So far, this year has been no exception as live lobster exports from Maine are up 113% year to date (July).

What is driving growth?

Our fastest growth area is in Asia. By September, we had already exceeded our total 2015 sales of $12 million. Our sales for August 2016 were 40% higher than August 2015, largely driven by sales to customers throughout Asia. By focusing on our customers desires for a healthy and sustainable high-quality product from a fresh, natural, pristine environment, we have found great success in building business in countries such as China, South Korea, and Thailand.

All of this is great news for our company, lobstermen, and the economy of the State of Maine. We are proud to be working worldwide to support such an important industry back home.